MAYRENFrequently Asked Questions

1How to book accommodation?

The most cost-effective way to book accommodation is to send an inquiry directly through our website, to our e-mail. In that case, you are freed of the additional costs carried by the rental portals.

2How much do I have to pay in the advance for the reservation my accommodation?

The house is reserved only for you when we receive 30% advance payment of the agreed total rental price.

3How many days in advance can I cancel a reservation without cancellation charges?

If you cancel 60 days before arrival, the cancellation fee is free and the advance payment will be refunded. In the event of unpredictable situations, such as wars, quarantines, border closures, deaths or the like, we will refund the advance in full.

4What is the minimum day stay?

The minimum reservation day is 5 days in pre- season and 7 days in main season. Of course, if you want to stay less than the defined period, you can, but the price is the same as if you had booked 5 or 7 days.

5Can accommodation be arranged for more than 8 people?

If you book on time, or if we have free dates, we can provide accommodation for 30 people in 4-5 holiday homes that accommodate 6-8 people. In this case, you will be at a distance of about 100 meters. All houses have swimming pools and the same number of rooms.

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